Facilities Engineering

We are a leader in delivering turnkey engineering and hook-up services focused in high-tech industries of wafer-fab, photo-voltaic and pharmaceutical as well as water-treatment plants
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Odor & Air Pollution

We are the market leader in treatment of odor from sewerage treatment plants, as well as process-exhaust from high-tech industries of wafer-fab and photo-voltaic ...read more

Water & Wastewater

We design and supply package water treatment plants as well as high-purity / ultra-purity water system for high-tech industries and power plants. In waste-water, we specialize in anaerobic treatment of POME ...read more

Renewable Energy

We design, build and own mini-hydropower plant to deliver affordable green energy. We also develop other sources of renewable energy in form of biogas and solar-PVs. CO2 Avoided = 145,000 ton,
Green Energy Generated = 145,963,105 kWh ...read more
We are an environmental engineering company dedicated to provide our Customers with technological solutions to safeguard the environment and public health, to meet industrial process water needs and to generate renewable energy.

Our know-how and proprietary technologies are focused in air and odor pollution control, water and waste-water treatment and generation of climate-friendly renewable energy though mini-hydro, biogas and solar-PV.

Our market reputation is not only built on the strong track-record of proven operational plants delivered on a turnkey basis, but also reinforced through our PEOPLE who are highly committed to listen and to service our Customers.
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