ENVIPURE delivers affordable green and climate-friendly renewable energy and contributes to attain both UN’s targets in Kyoto Protocol, as well as in Millennium Development Goals of rural electrification

Challenges faced with climate change and energy insecurity arisen from fossil-fuel scarcity have propelled the importance of renewable energy. ENVIPURE has developed expertise in the design and development of mini-hydro power plant and biogas plants, ranging from 0.5 up to 10 MW capacity, as well as solar-PV plants on roof-tops and BIPV.

Electricity production from mini-hydro, biogas and solar is growing rapidly. They have also become highly efficient, accessible and most importantly, sustainable as a source of energy.

We offer innovative and total solution to our Customers through the following scope:

  • Build, Own and Operate (BOO)
  • Turnkey Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)
  • Project Development Consultancy, including Financing

The facts and figures are testimonial of our commitment to promote renewable energy to safeguard the environment for future generations.

CO2 reduction

Our plants have reduced CO2-emissions by a staggering 150,000 ton-CO2, and continue to contribute to mankind’s cause to combat climate-change.

Green Energy Generation

Our plants produce an annual generation capacity of 13 million kWh, supplying power to 15,000 homes in Sri Lanka.

ENVIPURE understands the power of nature and we are committed to making sustainable energy a significant part of the world’s energy future. We bring to our Customers full-service renewable energy solutions through innovative packaging of technology and capital, and most importantly working in collaboration with Partner-Customers to strike win-win financial and environmental outcomes.

We harvest nature’s forces to produce zero-emission energy in the following areas:

  1. Mini-Hydro Power Plants
    We have built, own and operate two plants in Sri Lanka, with a third plant coming on-stream in 2012. ENVIPURE is actively developing similar projects in Malaysia and Indonesia. more
  2. Biogas Power Plants
    ENVIPURE biogas plants are coupled with our technological solutions to treat palm-oil mill effluent (POME). Utilizing our proprietary SUMBER™ UASB-technology to decompose POME, high-grade biogas is produced which in-turn feed and fuel high-efficiency gas-engine to generate electricity for internal use and export to the grid. ENVIPURE is actively developing promising projects in Malaysia and Indonesia. more
  3. Solar PV Plants
    In harvesting solar energy, ENVIPURE aims to make green energy affordable and accessible as a mainstream source of electricity directly to homes. By financing the capital cost, we lower the barrier of entry for Owners of homes and buildings to install solar-PV systems. more
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